Propeller Platform

Industry-leading software for drone mapping, surveys and inspections

Accessible to anyone with a web browser and Internet connection, Propeller Platform simplifies processing and visualization of drone data. With a few clicks, users can create, measure, analyse and share detailed surveys, high resolution maps or asset inspections.

Reliable drone software for professionals

The Propeller Platform delivers work-ready performance in several unique ways:

drone contour map, point cloud and volumetric

Turn Drone Data into Powerful Insights

Upload geotagged images directly from your Drone and we will process it, ensuring the result is enterprise-grade with our unique Quality Control service, stitching the images into highly accurate 2D and 3D models ready for detailed inspection and analysis.

Explore Sites Remotely and Accurately

Our intuitive and secure in-browser application allows worksite and office staff to easily explore a site remotely, while also powerful enough for technical staff to perform detailed analysis. Inbuilt tools allow anyone to easily – and accurately – measure distance, area, volume and gradient.

Create Visual Audit Trails and Share Insights

Your visual models can be enriched with notes, drawings and other data sources, which can be shared with others in Propeller or via a wide range of applications and file formats, including PDF, JPEG and LAZ.

Everyday usage, endless possibilities

Thousands of Professionals in over 90 countries use the Propeller Platform every day as critical component of their workflows including:


Construction Planning and

From greenfields inspection through to validating the completion against plan, the Propeller Platform allows you to provide frequent visual progress updates to all stakeholders anywhere in the world.



Improve airspace management and reduce overfills with more frequent and accurate data collection, using volume to track current volume and changes to airspace, as well as area and distance measurement tools to monitor buffer areas.



Reduce the time required on site by creating detailed and accurate survey data combining UAVs with the Propeller Platform and AeroPoints Smart Ground Control technology to ensure your data is centimetre-level accurate.

Stockpile Volumetrics

Stockpile Volumetrics

Accurately measure current stockpile volume of aggregates, rock, sand, stone, wood and other materials and track changes over time at a fraction of the cost of physical or traditional aircraft surveying techniques.

Tower Inspections

Tower Inspections

Faster and safer than physical inspections, remote tower inspections using drones provide visibility to normally inaccessible to parts of telecommunication and power tower infrastructure.


Water Supply Asset Inspections

Conduct detailed inspections of reservoirs, pipelines and other assets such as pumping stations in remote, hazardous or difficult to access locations.


Solar Panels and Wind Turbines Inspections

Conduct detailed visual inspections to detect broken hardware such as insulators and conductors. View inspected objects in 3D, annotate and generate reports to share with tech maintenance team.



Conduct regular and accurate inspections without the usual on-ladder and rooftop time. Get perspectives that are better than physical inspections in difficult to access areas.


Employee and Visitor Site Inductions

Reduce the time and overheads required to ensure new employees or site visitors know the safest way to navigate the site by providing an annotated 3D virtual tour instead of the usual guided tour.

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Requires no software installation and is easy to use both for technical staff such as GIS experts and non-technical users across our organization.

High resolution on Every Plan
High resolution on Every Plan

With Propeller, you can view all your maps in 3D with resolution up to 1 cm/pixel.


Upload files from other mapping services (WMS) and import vector data (KML/KMZ/Geojson/SHP) or ArcGIS. Export your data as JPEG, TIFF, DXF and LAZ files.

Fast Data Turnaround
Fast Data Turnaround

Your data will be processed and Quality Checked usually within 24 hours.

Secure Collaboration

Invite unlimited users to view your data. Manage contractors or team access and permissions with a few clicks.

Inbuilt Tools

Calculate and compare volumes, measure distances areas, surface areas and grades with only a few clicks.

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