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Map and measure your worksite, yourself, with browser-based 3D surveys.

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Track. Map. Measure. Everything.

Propeller is a cloud-based data visualization and analytics platform. No software to install, just accurate 3D site surveys.

drone data analytics platform

Measurable 3D site surveys

View your entire site with a 3D model so realistic you can use it for virtual walkthroughs. Our earthworks software streamlines your stockpile measurements, road-grade checks, design conformance checks, and volumetrics. 

Interactive, visual timeline of your site

Visually assess how your site is doing today or over its lifetime in the timeline slider. Upload design surfaces or linework to see how you’re faring against the final grade with easy-to-understand single-point, cross-section, and surface-to-surface comparisons.

worksite progress tracking analytics
Terrain Editing in photogrammetry

Quick and easy terrain editing

Streamline your survey data QA by editing your terrain to remove inaccuracies and obstructions, so you can be confident in your quantities. Easily maintain accuracy and consistency by managing who can make edits, and track changes as they happen.

Verifiable data quality with processing reports

Know your data is accurate thanks to the processing reports, filtering analysis, checkpoint verification that come with every dataset. Advanced algorithms process your data and analyze its quality, then our expert data team reviews it too, so you don’t get stuck with problems down the line.

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worksite data analytics

One-click reporting and sharing

Get your people the data they need, right on their device, with easy and secure digital sharing. Downloadable PDF and CSV reports show breakdowns of every measurement—from stockpile volumes to remaining airspace to cross-section comparisons. Each includes a timestamp and direct-to-measurement hyperlinks for simple collaboration

Cloud-processed data, QA’d by experts

Propeller takes care of complex data processing on our servers, so it doesn’t monopolize yours. Combining our intelligent software and quality checks done by real people, your images, checkpoints, and design uploads are rendered accurately. Whether you’re one site or 50, Propeller is ready to process your data.

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Customer training and 24-hour support

Best-in-class customer and data success teams help you get the most out of your data, fly surveys with ease, and upload datasets hassle-free. From learning how to fly your drone to troubleshooting ground control issues, our geospatial and drone operations experts are here for you 24/7. 

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Propeller Platform Features:

Drone data analytics cloud platform
Cloud-based software and data processing

No need to download and install any programs. Just log into Propeller on your browser and see all your survey data, analytics tools, calculators. Automatically filter your surveys to flatten machinery or view bare earth with a single click.

Construction site drone data analytics
Easy-to-use measurement and analytics tools and templates

Measuring your site takes just a few clicks, and on-screen calculators and analysis tools make measuring volumes, surface areas, road grades, elevation, cross-sections, and cut/fill a piece of cake.

Drone data analytics for mining quarries
Quick, accurate data turnaround

Your surveys are processed, QA’d by our data gurus, and ready to view in 24 hours.

3d site surveys drone data platform
Compare your site to design or linework in 3D overlay

Upload design surfaces or linework to see how you’re progressing towards the final grade. Intuitive tools, like Progress to Design View, show how far you need to go and survey-to-survey comparisons make assessing productivity straightforward.

Terrain editing capability by Propeller
Fast, simple terrain editing

Removing terrain inaccuracies or obstructions takes seconds, so you know your quantities are accurate. Ensure consistency by managing who makes edits and track any as they happen.

Drone data analytics for construction mining
Your data in the file formats you need

Propeller isn’t a data silo. You can import your data in geoTIFF, DXF, DWG, KML, and KMZ or export as JPEG, TIFF, DXF, or LAZ files and always have the formats you need for existing workflows.

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