New: Point Cloud Uploads in Propeller

After being introduced for commercial use 20 years ago, lidar has proven to be a powerful tool in the surveying toolbox. As hardware costs continue to go down, we’re seeing more and more worksites using lidar as a part of their surveying workflows. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new easy Point Cloud Upload feature in Propeller. 


Propeller_Point_Cloud_Illustration with cut/fill


The release of this new feature means our customers can now:

  • Drag and drop LAS/LAZ files from any source into Propeller for seamless integration
  • View a point cloud data as a 3D terrain that’s ready to measure and track using Propeller’s measurement tools and calculators
  • Easily share point cloud data as a 3D terrain with anyone on site—no additional licenses or software required 
  • Store point clouds in one place for easy collaboration and management

View lidar point cloud data 3D terrain


When you add lidar data to your site models, you can now analyze the point cloud with all your favorite measurement tools and calculators in the Propeller Platform. Our new Point Cloud Upload feature empowers you to better track, map, and measure your site using even more survey data. 


Want to learn more about how the Propeller Platform can help you measure quantities and track progress on site? Contact us today.


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