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Introducing IFC File Support: Upload 3D Models into Propeller for Enhanced Project Planning

| 03.11.2021

Technology advances in the construction and earthworks industries have greatly increased efficiencies in the project design process, particularly with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software programs. In a fraction of the time required to complete traditional ground-based surveys, drones can capture imagery of a project site that can then be processed into highly-accurate point clouds and used along with industry foundation classes (IFC) files for facility and building designs within BIM programs. 

IFC is a platform-neutral, open file format that provides a standard way to view design building data in order to maximize interoperability and collaboration among construction teams working on civil projects. Typically IFCs are thought of as “the PDF of BIM” as they are a locked copy of original building data and are not meant to be edited or revised. 

Introducing IFC File Imports within the Propeller Platform

As we’re always exploring new ways to help our customers better plan their construction projects, we’re pleased to announce we’ve added the capability to import IFC files into the Propeller Platform. Now, you can easily compare project designs to the current site by overlaying above-ground 3D designs, such as buildings and bridges, onto your latest drone-surveyed terrain to aid your project planning and verify completed work. You’ll also be able to see what the entire project will look like when it’s complete.

Leverage the IFC files you import into Propeller to:

  • Simplify project planning
    • View your drone survey and 3D designs within a single place 
    • Plan and communicate easier with project stakeholders with high-definition visuals 
  • Easily perform quality assurance by comparing as-built images against design 
  • Catch any errors early on, before they impact later stages of the project  

IFC files can also assist in verifying that the work has been done correctly, according to the original design. For example, visual design and construction teams (VDC’s) can now overlay design models in Propeller on top of the latest terrain model to verify that concrete footings and pipes have been properly placed. 

As more and more construction companies adopt BIM programs, having the ability to import IFC files into Propeller will help your business stay on the cutting edge and financially successful with better project planning and design visualization.

Are you an existing customer who wants to learn how to import IFC files? Find out how.

Or, are you curious about how Propeller’s drone data analytics and 3D mapping platform can help take your business to the next level, Request a demo with us. We’ll show you how.

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