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Integrate Your Propeller Data with Procore, BIM 360, Aconex, and OneDrive Software Programs

| 26.02.2023

Technology is playing a more prominent role across the construction industry as projects become more diverse and spread out geographically, meaning teams are working in different locations more often. Fragmented communication and working with obsolete data is one of the biggest pain points in the industry, and it can have a significant impact on earthmoving companies’ bottom line.

Drone surveying platforms like Propeller that integrate with other software programs are helping to bridge the information gap among teams and ensure collaboration, data sharing, and efficiency can be achieved. These software integrations are driven by an intrinsic need for better progress monitoring and data analysis to make timely and fact-based decisions. 

Being able to export the most current survey data of your site in large file formats to other software programs that allow you to review and analyze results and share with stakeholders is essential, so project work doesn’t skip a beat. You can send data, like large orthophoto files in different formats, directly from Propeller to three different construction management software platforms, Procore, BIM 360, Aconex and Microsoft OneDrive for Business. For example, you can export a 200MB latest orthophoto to your chosen software as a GeoTFF and then continue your work. 

Instead of spending additional time downloading data from Propeller and then uploading it to another program, our new software integrations provide you with a:

  • Greater ability to work with data quickly and share it with relevant stakeholders 
  • Faster, more efficient way of exporting data from the Propeller Platform

The OneDrive integration with Propeller works with any Microsoft account in any Azure AD directory, as well as personal Microsoft accounts such as OneDrive, Sharepoint, Microsoft 365, and All of your Propeller portals are integrated with your Microsoft account, automatically, providing you with seamless file storage ability. Additionally, being able to use Microsoft’s single sign on (SSO) feature with Propeller is easier, more efficient, and safer for your team to sign in.

How software integrations work

From the ‘Outputs tab’ in the platform, first select ‘Files’ and then select a file format like Geo TiFF or JPEG. You’re then given the drop down option ‘Send to.’ Here you can choose your preferred integration, and with a simple mouse click, your data will be exported from Propeller to the other software program you choose.

Being able to quickly and easily share data and crucial information helps to minimize the margin of error while also ensuring that stakeholders experience a more streamlined workflow.

Effective data management

According to a survey conducted by KPMG, when people were asked how effective they are at maximizing value from their data, digital leaders in the construction industry showed to be 27% more effective than their competitors. Combine this with the fact that 90% of construction data goes unused, it’s clear that with the right technology and software, civil construction and earthworks companies can gain a competitive advantage and more effectively use and share their data.  To maximize your effectiveness and efficiency with your site data, sometimes you may need to work outside the Propeller Platform. By using our integrations feature, your work can continue seamlessly by selecting which software you’d like to use via our export process. 

Being able to manage and analyze your data in a timely manner is vital for successful project management and stakeholder collaboration. Reporting is a major output from data analysis, and it’s also one of the more time consuming tasks for stakeholders during a project. 

How are we tracking against the deadline for project completion? Are we currently over or under budget? Do we need more resources to finish the project? These are some of the decisions and analysis that are performed using survey data. This is where digital solutions, such as software integrations, provide an opportunity for improved processes. Being able to export your data from the Propeller Platform quickly and easily means you can maintain efficiency and continue important workflows throughout your project lifecycle. 

Want to learn about more Propeller features that can help you better track your site progress and optimize your project management? Request a demo with us today. We’ll show you how.

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