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Drone Photogrammetry Software

Drone photogrammetry software makes up-to-date 3D site maps a reality—while saving time and money over traditional survey methods.

Drone photogrammetry software makes fast, accurate aerial surveys a reality

With Propeller’s drone photogrammetry software, turn aerial images of your worksite into a 3D model and actionable insights.

3D drone models allow you to make critical measurements accurately—even from a distance—in a fraction of the time required for traditional surveys. Drones capture every angle, feature, and safety hazard with an objective lens, eliminating human bias.
Gain the ability to pinpoint safety hazards, compare completed work against design documents, measure stockpiles from a fresh vantage point, and share insights with the entire crew—all with the click of a button.

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What is drone photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is the science of collecting physical information from 2D aerial images captured by drones (also called UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles).
By combining overlapping images of the same features, drone photogrammetry software can be used to generate photorealistic 3D representations of topographic surfaces.
Surveying and GIS professionals use drone photogrammetry, along with accurate GPS data, to create 3D maps and models for use in a wide variety of earthwork projects.

Propeller Aero’s cloud-based visualization and analytics solutions give worksites the power to measure and manage themselves.

Every day, thousands of professionals in mining, aggregates, waste management, and construction operations worldwide trust Propeller to capture, analyze, and share accurate data about their worksites and assets.

How UAV photogrammetry software works

Drones (UAVs) collect thousands of 2D aerial photos from above your worksite, capturing the same features from several angles. Onboard RTK GPS units ensure geospatial accuracy of up to 1/10 foot (3 cm), and our post-processing solution seals the deal.

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Kiss complex surveying equipment and manual ground control goodbye. A single AeroPoint (Propeller’s smart ground control point) serves as a base station, and Propeller handles the rest.

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Propeller’s streamlined PPK processing solution generates an easy-to-share 3D site model within a day of your flight. With just a few clicks, view accurate cut/fill requirements, road-grade checks, design conformance checks, and volumetrics.

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Drone photogrammetry gives earthwork professionals an edge

Real-time monitoring
Competitive edge
Drones are small, lightweight, and easy to operate almost anywhere. Fly over areas that are difficult or dangerous to access on foot with traditional equipment. The cloud-based Propeller Platform makes it easy to make the data accessible, too—ensuring that you get the right data to the right people, anywhere.
Dangerous terrain and worksites with active machinery create safety hazards for surveyors walking a site. From a distance, fly your drone over any terrain, then use the captured image data to create a 3D model accurate to 1/10 foot.
Flight times of less than an hour mean you can survey as often as needed to provide all teams with a real-time picture of a worksite. Take the guesswork out of mid-stream decision-making with accurate visuals and measurements.
From bidding to project completion, outshine the competition with accurate, easy-to-share data that’s accessible to all stakeholders—no software license or special training required.