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Earthwork News Roundup: March 2020

For most, March has been a month of significant change as we adapt to a new world order. The COVID-19 … Read More

CONEXPO 2020 Recap: Here’s What You Missed

Millions flock to Las Vegas each year for the neon and the noise, but every three years, a massive crowd … Read More

Propeller Announces New Machine Tracking System, DirtMate, That Collects Productivity Data in Real Time

Propeller will source users for DirtMate Beta Program at ConExpo next week Denver, CO – March 5, 2020: Today Propeller, … Read More

Bracing for 2020: Past, Present, and Future of Drones in Construction

In our last webinar, Propeller CEO and co-Founder, Rory San Miguel joined our webinar veteran, Michael Scott, in a candid … Read More

Earthwork Industry News Roundup: February 2020

To keep you updated this month, we’re sharing a roundup covering news and trends in the construction, mining, aggregates, and … Read More

Why Are Late Payments the Norm in Construction? Reasons and Solutions

The construction industry and late payments—name a more iconic duo. Late payments have plagued the industry for such a long … Read More

Easy-to-Understand Visuals Become the Bridge Between Blasting Contractor and Quarry

We recently visited Orica, a blasting systems and commercial explosives service provider, to ask them how Propeller’s impacted their day … Read More

Understanding Coordinate Systems and Map Projections

Drone surveying is easy to understand with some hands-on experience and training. Learning to fly the Phantom 4 RTK only … Read More

How to Survey Worksites with Significant Elevation Change

Similar to how everyone has their own way of interpreting accuracy, there’s subjectivity around what qualifies as a significant elevation … Read More

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