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Fixed-Wing & VTOL Drones vs Quadcopters for Surveying: How to Decide

Advances in technology have made the drone an affordable tool for worksites. They can have the centimeter-level accuracy of a … Read More

What’s New at Propeller? Our Q1 2021 Highlights

At Propeller, our customers have always been our top priority—and that goes double when it comes to developing new products … Read More

Seven Road Design Tools to Lighten Your Load

Road design and planning is a juggling act. You’re balancing job requirements and physical limitations, while keeping all other site … Read More

Five Ways to Use Drones and Propeller for Road Construction Surveying

Road projects may seem deceptively simple to the outsider, but more work goes into the surveying process for road construction … Read More

Import LandXML Files Directly Into Propeller

Your civil engineering projects just got a whole lot easier. This week, Propeller is improving its CAD interoperability with support … Read More

Introducing Composite Surveys: Streamline Mapping of Large-Scale Sites With Automated 3D Model Stitching

At Propeller, we know the decisions you make are only as good as the data you have at your fingertips. … Read More

Drones for Good: How Deakin University Uses Propeller to Monitor Australia’s Shorelines

Deakin University is a public university in Geelong, Australia, dedicated to changing the world through programs that are relevant, innovative, … Read More

How to Adapt to the Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

If you’re struggling to find qualified, skilled workers to fill open positions on your job sites, you’re not alone. The … Read More

Weekly Drone Surveys Solidify Family-Owned Fiore’s Commitment to Accuracy and Project Excellence

Denver-based Fiore & Sons Construction is a family-owned company with over 60 years of experience as a civil contractor serving … Read More

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