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Four Ways to Use QR Codes on the Worksite

QR codes, otherwise known as Quick Response codes, are square-shaped black and white digital codes that store a lot more … Read More

Drone Data Use Cases: Integrating Drone Surveys into Your Existing Workflow

Drone data can change your business—or so you’ve been told.  In this post, I will share examples of how it … Read More

Why DJI’s Phantom 4 RTK is the Missing Piece in the Drone Surveying Puzzle

phantom 4 rtk on site

What are GeoTIFF files and Why are They So Useful in Drone Mapping?

When it comes to georeferenced imagery used in digital mapping—like drone-collected survey data, for instance—there’s no greater vessel than the … Read More

Crew Case Study: How Mobile Maps Helped A Road Construction Project Avoid Utilities and Improve Communication

Lendlease, The Northern Road Stage 3, is a complex road reconstruction project underway in Sydney. It involves, among other things, … Read More

Dissecting the Data Outputs of Drone Surveys

Initiating a drone survey program opens the door to a diverse set of data outputs and use cases that naturally … Read More

Alston Construction’s VDC Manager on Saving Time and Sharing Data with Drones

Rickey Molina is the virtual design and construction (VDC) manager at Alston Construction, a general contractor based out of Sacramento, … Read More

What’s New and Improved in 2020? Here’s How We’ve Applied Your Feedback

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult, unprecedented year thus far. However, despite the challenges, we’ve watched our … Read More

Propeller Closes $18M USD in Series B Funding and Announces New Board Member, Roz Buick

Propeller, a 3D mapping and worksite analytics company that builds hardware and software to simplify data capture, processing, and analysis … Read More

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