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How Propeller Handles The World’s Many Coordinate Reference Systems

Propeller is used for high-accuracy drone mapping by survey teams all over the world. It’s made us experts in a … Read More

Crew, The Propeller Platform’s New Add-on, Bridges Your Team’s Communication Gaps With Info-rich Mobile Maps

No matter what industry you operate in, we know that maintaining constant, clear lines of communication between team members is … Read More

Introducing Crew, an Exciting New Propeller Platform Add-On That Brings Interactive Maps into the Field

A simple tool to share up-to-date project data between the trailer and the field   Denver, CO: On May 19 … Read More

Geoids vs. Ellipsoids: What’s the Difference?

For any worksite survey in which vertical measurement plays a significant role, being able to accurately calculate local elevation is … Read More

The ConTechCrew Podcast Episode #210 Recap: Why Propeller is “Next-Level”

A couple months back, we exhibited at ConExpo, the largest construction conference in North America. We were lucky enough to … Read More

DirtMate Beta Series E01: How It Works and Where We Go From Here

We’re documenting DirtMate’s beta journey with episodic updates on its development. This series is your window into the product roadmap—the … Read More

Propeller Asks: How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Operations?

Find out what our customers in the civil construction and earthworks space have to say about the ways the Coronavirus has affected their business.

Propeller Hardware Success 101: How We’re Bridging the Gap Between Development and Support

It’s all about increasing transparency and bringing those teams together to ensure that Propeller produces and supports our high-quality products.

Propeller Customer Success 101: How We Help You Harness Our Products’ Power

Whether you’re familiar with drone mapping or have never even seen a drone before, you won’t be left in the wilderness to figure things out for yourself.

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