The ConTechCrew Podcast Episode #210 Recap: Why Propeller is “Next-Level”

A couple months back, we exhibited at ConExpo, the largest construction conference in North America. We were lucky enough to cross paths with a ton of great people—a mix of existing customers, new faces, and other trailblazers in the tech space. 

Among those new faces was James Benham, the brainchild behind ConTechCrew, a construction technology podcast, and CEO at JBKnowledge, an IT services company that specializes in application design and development, electronic data interchange, strategy consulting, mobile solutions, and web development. 

In one of his recent podcast episodes, “210: The Choir Boy from 7734!” Benham discusses his experience at the Propeller booth, his thoughts on our new product DirtMate, and why he thinks the 3D mapping and drone analytics workflow we’ve built is, “next-level.” 

There are three things Benham calls out specifically: 

1. The novelty of AeroPoints, our “smart” ground control points.

👉Here’s an explainer video on AeroPoints. 👈

2. How DJI’s Phantom 4 RTK is so much more than a consumer-level drone. 

👉Download this ebook to learn about our 1/10ft (3cm) accuracy. 👈

3. DirtMate’s ability to collect real-time progress data on earthwork projects.

👉Click here to watch a case study video. 👈

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